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Scrapbook layout

Hello, just a quick post about my latest scrapbook page I made today.

The photos are not new. It’s my son when he was three years old (he is now nine), playing wrestling with his dad. I printed out these photos ages ago but I mush have lost it somewhere. I just found them today among other old photos. I like the shots, I found it very cute.


Scrapbook layout



I made this page using a white cardstock size 12″ x 12″ and cut it into 12″x9″. I’ve been enjoying playing with many different types of colors recently and I start to use them more and more on my scrapbook page. I still like the pattern papers, it’s just I like to experience more with watercolor and paints. Here are the list of material I used:

  • Tim Holtz Distress Paint Crushed
    Olive (green)
  • Tim Holtz Distress Paint Squeezed Lemonade (yellow)
  • Golden Modeling Paste mixed with a bit of grey acrylic paint
  • Alphabet stencil from Dylusions
  • Black acrylic paint mixed with some water
  • Some blue & grey pattern paper (they are all leftover, I can’t remember the name)
  • Roller stamp with some different sentiments
  • Clear stamp for the arrow
  • Wooden stam for the numbering, line, stich, dots, and star
  • Stickers and die cuts

The process:

  1. I dabbed the yellow color on my crafting mat and sprayed it with some water from a spritzer. I used only a little water just to make the color more liquid. And then using a ‘Smooshing’ technique I picked the color with a small plastic sheet and applied randomly on the white cardstock. More details on how to do it you can click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aICGdZGUdYE&t=121s. I learned this technique is from that link, too. It’s quite fun to do it actually. I let it dry using a heat gun.
  2. Next I used exactly the same technique for the green color.
  3. I mixed a scoop of modeling past with grey acrylic paint. The result is a very light grey of paste mixture. I did it on purpose so just the paste has a bolder look, just enough to give a bit of tint on the white paper. Using a stencil I spread the paste randomly and let it dry.
  4. I mixed black acrylic paint with a little water. Using a round brush I picked the liquid color and tap the wooden handle on the paper. The result is some black paint splashes.
  5. I drew two vertical and horizontal pararel lines.
  6. First I applied two colors of Distress Paint by Tim Holz – … and …. by using smooching technique. I dabbed the paint on my craft mat and spray it with some wather and mixed it. I used clear plastict to pick the color and pressed on the page to make some random pattern, resemble the watercolor painting. I used this technique for both color.