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Flippeable album


Hello travel junkies…

How was your summer break? I can’t believe it’s already August. Everyone is back to routine – school, work, house chores…Welcome back to the real world :). And if you are like me, you are probably trying to sort out your travel photos at the moment. How many hundreds did you make? Come on, don’t lie. I know you made hundreds. Well, I did! I have too many for just two weeks holiday.

We do enjoy taking travel photos, don’t we? That feeling, the moment we click the button, it’s like invisible words rush in through the lens straight to our head, which quickly arranges it into a story. And as soon as we see the nice result suddenly come the urge to show it to the world, as if we want to shout: ‘I wish you were here to see what I see”. And aren’t we the lucky generation who has the privilege to access every kind of social media? Sharing with the people what we see is just a finger touch away. Can you imagine if we had to go through the ways our parent did – sending the film rolls to the photo shop, printed it out, sticked it on the album, and waited until someone come to the house to see it? 

Those photo albums, it’s so…so flippable! Call me old fashion, but I still enjoy flipping photo albums. Whenever I visit someone’s house I often wish to be offered to see some photo albums. But it almost never happen now. Mostly I was shown tiny images from a little screen, or if lucky, tablet size.

I used to be an active scrapbooker. It was the time when my family size was smaller and the focus of our life was our toddler daughter. After her sibling arrived our life became more adventurous with interesting journeys, stories and of course, beautiful photos which came with it. Scrapping every interesting moment was getting too demanding for me. I was gradually shifting my scrapbook hobby from the traditional way to the more practical and efficient approach – DIGITAL. My scrapbook activity has changed from glue and scissor to drag and drop. To be really honest, it wasn’t as satisfying as the traditional method. But I got to be more realistic as my photos were getting piled up. I often felt as if I was ‘behind the deadline.’ Since when a hobby became a pressure? Well, that’s not fun anymore. To make it worse I live now in a place where scrapbook hobby is very costly that I had to come to the most difficult decision of every scrapbooker – stop buying scrapbook supplies! Boohoo…

Talking about about digital scrapbook, I am more and more using photobook for my travel photos. And recently I discovered the most exciting and simplest way to create a book layout from scratch – the ADOBE INDESIGN. Ok, it’s probably not the simplest way if you are not familiar with Adobe softwares. But if you have been playing around with some photo book softwares or you are also familiar with Photoshop, then most likely you’re going to love this software. Indesign is a desktop publishing software by Adobe Systems which can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books and ebooks. I use Indesign to create a photo book for my last spring holiday at Ora Beach in Maluku, Indonesia. I used it to create layout, add photos, write and edit texts, and save the pages either in JPEG or PDF files. And finally I uploaded the files to a printing company online.

Here are some of the pages I made with Indesign, my first project using this software. 


Flippable album

Sample a color from any source on the page.


Flippable album

Drawing a layout is as easy as drawing squares.


Flippable album

Using color picker for creating accent.


Flippable album

With PNG file (transparent) for eye catching title.


Flippable album

Use attractive fonts for writing quote.


Flippable album

When not enough photos to fill out the space, use letters.


Flippable album

Big is bold.