Inside my head – collage art on Moleskine Watercolor Notebook

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Inside my head


I just want to share my latest collage art journaling. I made this journal page on a Moleskine Large Watercolor Notebook. I wish I made step-by-step photos for the process, but this page wasn’t really planned. I don’t use my Moleskine Watercolor Notebook much, and I don’t even remember when I made the background – it was months ago. 

Today I found a very interesting picture on my old magazine, a ‘water colour’ print of a woman. I thought, hey I can use this picture to express what is going on in my head at the moment. Unfortunatly the size of the picture is too big for my regular journal. Then I remembered that I have Moleskine Watercolor Notebook. The size is perfect for thecut out.

So, in case you are interested to know how I made it, here are the steps:


  • Moleskine Watercolor Notebook (Large size)
  • 2 different distress ink pads (I use blue, pink, and cream – forgot the name)
  • Modeling paste
  • Medium
  • Yellow spray ink
  • Magazine cut out


  • Stencils
  • Blending tools
  • Mini flat brush
  • Faber Castle Big brush pen (brown)
  • Miron pen, black 0.5
  • Shading pencil


First I used a stencil with mandala motive and I applied pink and blue Disstress Ink with a blending tool. I made the outer line of the shapes crispier by applying ‘drawing’ the lines with a thin water brush. The water blends with the colour only around the lines, giving a bolder look. And then using a shading pencil I traced some of the shapes to make it even crispier.

Next, I mixed a little scoop of modeling paste with yellow spray ink. Using a stencil with ‘digital’ motive I applied some paste on the paper and let it dry. 

Next, I glued the magazine cuts-ou on the page using gel medium. To make the picture ‘blends’ more with other elements I shaded the edges of the picture with Faber Castle Big brush. 


Last I used Micron pen to draw or to darken some lines on the pictures.